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O²CM SLS Battle of the Books: Home

This is O²CM's Battle of the Books page. If you cannot find something or you have any questions please call Allison Comes at 315-433-2655

Practice Questions


  • Bookmarks 
    • Bookmarks you can print and hand out to your students. The title and author listed are what we will accept as a correct answer
  • Posters
    •  Posters for each grade level featuring books and other information
  • Parent Letter
    • Letter for parents. Please note that you must fill in dates for your building, district, and regional battles
  • Answer Sheet
  • Score Sheet

Building Questions

District Battle Questions


  • Official Rules
    • Official rules for O²CM Battle of the Books, adapted from the Alaska Association of School Librarians Battle of the Books
  • BoB Book Selection
    • This is the criteria that was used to select each book
  • Building Leader's Guide
    • A guide for Battle of the Books for the building leader
  • Coaches Guide
    • A guide for Battle of the Books for the Team Coach
  • Timeline
    • This is the current timeline that has been created for BoB