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Mentors Across Borders: Home

Onondaga-Cortland-Madison/Oswego School Library System Mentoring program.
Mentors Across Borders meeting at Chittenango High School Library
Mary Klucznik showing Mentor Teams around Chittenango High School Library
Kate McGinnis and Renee Cerio
Jackie Alex and Sarah Elliott
Elizabeth Russell and Rebecca Cornell
Julianna Thornock and Tina Nabinger
Rebecca Fairchild and Sarah Casey
Allison Keough and Jackie Derouchie
Nathan Keefe and Jim DeSantis
Jessica Regitano and Olivia Coloton
Penny Feeney and Kelly Forsyth
Jenn McDonald and Andrea Harris
Heather Turner and Catherine Dymus
Mary Klucznik and Jacob Abbuhl
Jennifer Jones and Bridget Collins
Katie McGinnis and Renee Certio
Jackie at Bolivar Elementary School and gorup
Renee Cerio librarian at Bridgeport ES and group
Renee Certio Wordle

Mentors Across Borders Documents

Mentors Across Borders Google Classroom