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Who is it for?

  • Grades K-12


  • In person

Program description:

I draw my presentations, live on screen. The combination of live drawing and storytelling makes it a fun, captivating, and educational experience.

For grades 3 and up, I tell an exclusive Hazardous Tales story—not from any of the books, it can only be heard at a school visit. It’s U.S. History at its silliest and grossest.

For K-2 grades, I give a drawing lesson, then finish with a group drawing activity. The quick changes in format keep the little ones engaged. Each student will need a crayon and two pieces of paper. I will also need a large flip chart or piece of butcher paper.

Presentations are one hour long, but can be condensed to 40 minutes. If your students need 15 minutes to get seated, please plan accordingly.