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Paul O. Zelinsky


Who is it for?

  • Grades K-5


  • In Person
  • Virtual

Program Description 

I am the illustrator of, and in a few cases the author of, many children’s books that have been widely accepted and used in classrooms, including one Caldecott-medal-winning book and three winners of Caldecott Honors.

I give presentations to children, most often based on the creation of one or another of my books, but sometimes on a more general topic like fairy tales, or tall tales, or how drawing is writing with pictures, or how author-artist-publisher collaboration works. Presentations incorporate a combination of digital slides and drawing at an easel, or drawing live into my computer (and onto a projection screen). I am happiest when I can keep children laughing.

My first purpose is to generate engagement and excitement about these books, but also about books and reading in general, as well as about drawing and art. I’m told that after hearing my presentation, children returning to their classrooms can’t wait to start drawing.

Most of my presentations tell stories of persisting in the face of major challenges, and trying to use intelligence and ingenuity to solve problems.

Program Tags:

  • Visual Arts