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Science In Flight


Who is it for?

  • Grades 6-8


  • In Person

Program description:

If you are looking for a science program that incorporates real world technologies along with fun and excitement, look no further. We use a state of the art DRONE, along with Remote Controlled Helicopters to educate and entertain. These flying machines are built and flown by master pilot and educator Chris Fletcher (creator of Drone Hot Shots and The first Flying Puppet). The program introduces children to the science behind these flying machines through flight demonstrations and discussion. See an actual DRONE hexicopter fly, watch in amazement as a Helicopter does things that are against the laws of physics. View the world around you through the eyes of the drone as it takes flight utilizing GPS, FPV (First Person View) and iOSD (Intelligent On Screen Display) technology to record and transfers images to the ground station from great distances. A show for all ages and all grade levels (Grade Level Specific Topics)

Contains NYS learning standards for Core Curriculum in Engineering Design, Information Systems, Science, Physics, and Chemistry

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